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About Me

Hello, I am Jacqueline Hart the founder of Scarlet Coaching.

I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in narcissistic abuse with over six years experience.


Our sessions together are directed towards specific goals set by the you, the client. 


In between sessions I ask my clients to work on assignments and practice new skills like; setting healthy boundaries, managing anxiety, and responding rather than reacting to internal and external triggers.

What I do is much more coaching than traditional therapy. Often in trauma therapy, such as EMDR or Somatic therapy,  clients are given the tools to process blocks stemming from anger or fear. These therapies are life changing and I highly recommend them. 

The work clients and I do together is psycho-educational. We identify boundaries and defensive behaviors. We practice gray rock communication using real world examples. We create a plan for rebuilding trust with ourselves and others.


Traumatic experiences break us down. You and I will work on how we rebuild. 

Let us begin your healing journey.

Scarlet Coaching Jacqueline Hart Narcissistic Abuse
Scarlet Coaching Jacqueline Hart Narcissistic Abuse
Scarlet Coaching Jacqueline Hart Narcissistic Abuse

My Philosophy

My philosophy is a holistic approach. We hold trauma in our mind, body and spirit so coaching must address our entire being.  As a coach my goal is to empower survivors to create lives for themselves that reflect who they are not what they have been through. The beauty of starting over is we get a clean slate. Starting over is not easy, but it is unique and likely to only happen once in our lifetime. Clients I work with take advantage of this time to re-create themselves and their lives as they choose to. 

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