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12 Week Program

Week 1- Goals, self care schedule and introduction to mindful journaling and meditation
Week 2- Identify common tactics abusers use (gaslighting, rage, minimizing, smear-campaigns, etc..) and how the client reacted.
Week 3- Processing anger and getting to acceptance
Week 4- Art therapy focused on creating a visual representation of who the client wants to be in recovery from abuse and the life they want to create
Week 5- Grieving the relationship we wished for or thought we had, or parts of ourselves we feel we lost
Week 6- Practice mindfully experiencing joy
Week 7- Inner child healing
Week 8- Parts and shadow work
Week 9- Trust and boundaries
Week 10- Learning to respond rather than react
Week 11- Moving from fear to faith (non-denominational) Healing hope and belief in self
Week 12- Forgiving ourselves. Letting Go

Prior to booking - Please book a 30 min Free Advisory Session

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